Plastic Waste Upcycling

Plastic Waste Upcycling

Our current linear economy model focuses on manufacture-use-dispose which causes excess plastic waste, which is hazardous to both health and the environment.

The Plastoconomy Foundation is focusing to bring a shift by promoting a circular economy model.

We initiate a circular economy process so that the plastic waste stays in the system for much longer than intended without giving any space for new single-use plastic to show up.

We do this by collecting all the waste and upcycling them into new useful products, with the help of trained women who are skilled in the entire upcycling process.

Take a new and fresh look at your raw materials, or packaging materials with our upcycled plastic solution, an innovative solution to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. 

Why Should You or Your Business Consider Upcycled Products With Plastoconomy?

Co2 Reduction

Most of the single-use plastics that end up in landfills are burnt and produce a deadly and poisonous smoke which not only slowly poisonous the surroundings but also elevates the air pollution. Upcycling can help reduce the need for burning plastic, with less plastic waste ending up in a landfill.

Ocean Pollution

The plastic that does not end up in the landfill, finds its way to the ocean. According to a report by 2050 the ratio of fish and plastics in the ocean will be 50:50. When you opt for upcycled plastic products or packaging, or if you plan to upcycle your plastic waste with Plastoconomy, you’re saving the home and lives of marine animals.

Conservation and Reduction In Raw Materials

When you opt for upcycled products you are saving on the cost of renewed plastic. Your raw material cost can be reduced and you can employ those savings in some other areas. Depending on the industry you’re working in, the cost can make little to high difference.

Energy and Cost of Production

The energy and cost of production of a new single-use plastic don’t just impact your pocket, but also the environment. It is better to opt for upcycled plastic. Our upcycled plastic is envisioned and designed by skillful women craftsmen, belonging to lower income groups.

Supporting Women’s Empowerment and  Low Marginal Families

As discussed in the earlier point, we give an opportunity and platform to women to kick start their career and support their families. We train these women in the upcycling process so that they can become self-reliant and a bread winner for their families.

The Upcycling Process

We have custom-designed plastic waste bins that are curated using upcycled plastic to collect the waste around. These bins are placed all around and you can also contact us for a customized upcycled bin.

When you throw plastic waste in these bins like festival decoration, raw material waste or wedding waste, we collect this waste, sort them and sanitize the plastic through scientific equipment to make them usable and sanitary again.

We customize the plastic waste with the help of trained and skilled artisans, into upcycled products that can be used again.

We believe in employing every strand of plastic back into the economy in order to reduce plastic waste and pollution. Our aim is to reduce the production of single-use plastic along with promoting a circular economy through all verticals of the industries, households and manufacturing units.

Let’s stop focusing on the issue and work on the solution together! Designing a better future is just one step away.

Reprocessed Plastic Product Solutions

We process and upcycle the best quality plastic products. All the products can be designed, assembled and manufactured by us and they go through a regress testing product to ensure that they are toxin free and safe to use.

Plastic is the easiest packaging and raw material obtainable, and we understand that therefore we make upcycled plastic products and packaging solutions, so your company’s and your carbon footprint remain neutral at a very basic cost.

Some of the features of our products are as mentioned below:

  • Made with 100% recycled and upcycled plastic
  • All products are customizable
  • Made in India
  • Quality assurance

Our Product offering includes the below categories:

Bottles and Containers

We customize, design and manufacture upcycled and recycled plastic bottles that can be used for shampoos, detergens, liquid wash and many more. These bottles are designed as per your need and brand requirement.

Trash Bags

It is pretty difficult to find an alternative for plastic trash bags, therefore we offer plastic bags that are upcycled and can be recycled easily. The bags are spill free and have a seamless design for everyday use.

Packaging Material

We provide customized packaging solutions for all your products. The packaging is designed based on your product’s shape, weight and nature. We collaborate with you and work closely to deliver a seamless solution.

Kitchenware Products

We provide you with recycled plastic kitchenware like cutting boards, dinner plates, glasses and many more. If you are a restaurant looking to move ahead with your sustainability project then we can help you tailor a customizable plan.

Corporate Gifting

We design plastic products perfect for corporate gifting. Assurance of good quality and design, we personalize your offering with your signature brand logos and colors. You can gift these merchandise to your customers, employees and/ or investors to show your progress towards sustainability and a circular economy.

We incorporate the following product fabrication process to get you a desired customizable plastic product:

Injection Molding

This molding method is used to design and produce solid plastic parts like bottle caps, containers, computer’s mainframe, television components, agricultural products, toys, machinery components and much more.

Blow Molding

This molding method is used to curate hollow plastic parts such as bottles, drums, tanks and containers.

Rotational Molding

This molding is used when you need a consistent wall thickness throughout with strong external corners. The products that fall into this category are storage containers, toys and waste bins.

Vacuum Casting

This process is transparent and is perfect for prototype displays, mobile covers, laptop covers, architectural displays and stationary materials.

Plastic Machining

This process is a very popular plastic fabrication process useful for adding detail to parts created with other techniques such as extrusion. The products that can be made using this method are usually mechanical parts such as industrial parts, jigs and fixtures, automobile lighting.

We provide many more such services, using recycled plastic components. One of the services which we emphasize on is product testing to see if the plastic product is safe from harmful toxins and chemicals or not.

Plastic products and plastic parts of consumer goods contain various toxic chemicals. These include phthalates, chemicals primarily used as plasticizers in polyvinyl chloride (PVC) products, heavy metals, and flame retardants.

We process, analyze and offer various chemical tests to see the toxicity in the plastic products that your business or you have been using and then tailor a customized recycled and upcycled solution designed for you or your product.

To know more about our offerings and services you can contact us at or fill up our contact form, and we will reach out to you!