Plastic Waste Controlling

Plastic Waste Controlling

According to the reports at least 300 million tons of plastic are produced annually out of which 50% of them are single-use, and packaging is the biggest end-user segment which comprises 40% of single-use plastics.

This plastic is heavier than thousands of blue whales combined.

Plastic waste pollution is a global problem affecting hundreds of countries and the

Plastic is cheap, easy, affordable and durable, making it a go-to raw material or
packaging solution for many companies. But, it takes ages to decompose and while it slowly breaks down it also creates a
certain level of toxicity.

At Plastoconomy Foundation, we create tailored solutions for combating this wastage
and plastic pollution for every business that is planning to reduce its carbon footprints.

We are a Non Profit which aims to reuse, repurpose and redeploy plastic waste that  would otherwise pollute our surroundings and environments.

In the recent Paris Climate Agreement, it was decided among various countries to
reduce carbon emissions and lead a climate-neutral economy. As a business, you can start the process initially to reap the benefits by 2050.

Our Circular Economy Advisory Model provides a strategy to keep the plastic waste in the system by saving money, identifying the waste materials which can be optimized and reused, along with constantly monitoring the carbon footprints of the company.

It is a non-profit initiative that helps organizations become carbon neutral with proper  and thorough consultation.

The new generation of consumers are more aware of their choices, and the impact on the environment and we recognise these changing needs in the market, to improve your
company’s resource efficiency by spotting opportunities in the circular economy.

We can also help your enterprise achieve carbon neutrality certificates by assisting you in reducing your carbon emission to zero, with the help of custom plastic waste
management plans and methods.

If you’re a company new to climate work, then we help you down the roadmap of how to achieve a carbon neutrality certificate effectively.

Carbon neutrality certificates can help
you portray your brand to your audience as eco-conscious, reliable and future-driven.

It will also showcase your commitment to climate change measures and CSR to your shareholders and stakeholders, as well as differentiate yourself from your competitors in
the market.

The decarbonisation process is a combination of technology, supply chain and commercial expertise to locate where the waste is and then minimize it with a proper

Our decarbonisation services can help make your supply chain management route smooth and waste-free.

We also provide regular waste audits that help reduce regular
waste generated by warehouses and manufacturing plants.

Climate change is an opportunity for companies to lead their sustainability journey while building a strong reputation and competitive advantage. Reducing CO2 increases
efficiency, reduces costs, and drives innovation for success. Simply put, climate
protection makes economic sense.

We upcycle plastic waste material and give you a customized solution on how to cut back on the waste, so there is no waste of valuable resources. The lower valued post plastic items are picked by our sheroes and designed into a high-value or similar value product by our experts.

These sheroes are our team members who help us in the recycling process and are
solely women from lower marginal backgrounds.

By upcycling, we save energy and resources, while empowering and giving a platform to the women from the lower middle-class and the marginal class.

We help them develop skills needed in upcycling and customization of plastic waste with the help of
proper training sessions and technology.

So when you collaborate with us, a non-profit organization, you’re not only saving the
environment but also empowering sheroes!