ERP Advisory

ERP Advisory

Every single day, there is enormous garbage produced by people, offices, workplaces, hospitals, schools, restaurants, and lodging facilities.

This predicament is being caused by the quick development that we observe around us, which has no respect for efficient garbage disposal or environmental damage.

Therefore, it is crucial that plastic waste management is correctly implemented by people, companies, nonprofit organizations, and governments alike in order to safeguard not only the health of the current population but also that of future generations.

ERP can manage practically all business processes, resulting in a precise, lean operation and providing a bird’s eye perspective of your company.

Managers may increase output, reduce expenses, use agility, and satisfy customers.

Plastoconomy Foundation, has a customizable Enterprise Resourcing Planning app, a Make- in-India initiative, that tracks the waste a normal household user or a business enterprise helps upcycle through this non-profit initiative.

The emission data is collected, tracked and processed by the software. Our software helps track all the emission data easily through the ERP app, from supplier process to generic manufacturing, all the data is informally and in a timely manner recorded on the given app.

This data can be used by you, as an organization for the purpose of ESG reporting, sales reports and regulatory offerings and benefits.

The app is designed with cutting-edge technology and can process the data securely, with time and additional new features you will be able to track the waste areas seamlessly with a prominent solution for the same.

Some Features Of Our ERP APP

Integrated System

Enterprise-wide interconnections across all processing units are provided by ERP software. End-to-end management is achieved by consolidating all corporate data into a single database that can be accessed via a standard interface. Long-term choices are made when our waste management systems’ functional components are put in proper use.

Real-Time Management

Our ERP systems provide access to and real-time visibility of corporate data. Decisions are taken and carried out simultaneously in real-time, guaranteeing rapidity and effectiveness. Visibility limits the potential for management mistakes and guarantees that harmful wastes are not discharged until they have been properly handled.

Efficient, Agile and Secure

Due to its modular design, machine learning capabilities, and multi-step verification, our ERP systems are secure and agile. Systems that are effective and flexible make room for creativity. Innovative trash disposal techniques are now available, which reduces the additional financial strain on businesses and governments and promotes social and economic well-being.

Advantages Of Our ERP System

Better Management of Information

With our ERP for plastic waste management, you may establish criteria such as waste kind and quantity, site location, resource requirements, and so forth and quickly input them for future needs.

Additionally, you may change, modify, and add information as necessary.

By keeping track of the company information and keeping an eye on the metrics for progress, you can quickly determine which activities are finished and which are still open.

Effective Resource Allocation

When you use our ERP system in waste management projects, you can get information in real-time about the human resources allocated to each task or project.

This has the benefit of enabling you to optimally allocate resources to ensure better outcomes and taking remedial actions as they are necessary.

Our ERP system helps with identifying the plastic waste sources, as well as the costs associated with transporting and processing the garbage, classifying and separating it, and so forth.

At Plastoconomy Foundation, we combine our trade and supply market expertise with science, technology and a handful of carefully selected specialist partners to provide your businesses with the best possible solution.

We can adapt our capabilities, skills or technology to what you already have. ERP management in decarbonization is not easy, but the pain of not employing an ERP app for eco-conscious efforts is even greater.

Our App is designed to achieve the optimal balance of profit and purpose while decarbonizing the supply chain. To know more contact us at or fill up our contact form, and we will reach out to you!