CSR Campaigns

CSR Campaigns

We run various CSR campaigns to give back to society. These campaigns include:


School and Corporate Programs: The schools and corporate sector produce the biggest amount of single-use waste without even noticing. We spread awareness about plastic waste and how to combat it through programs designed for young impressionable minds and working professionals. An interactive session where we give a brief on how to shape a better future by being mindful of our carbon footprints and how to fight the various waste pollution by choosing better alternatives. The seminars and conferences focus on growing the awareness level of people from all age groups.


Digital Seminar: A digital seminar where we invite people to participate and initiate a conversation about a better future together by impending plastic waste. The discussion surrounds topics like eco-revolution, innovations, thought leadership and industry leaders sharing their insights. The seminar is a key to connect people from all around the world to come together and work on a way towards sustainability and eco revolution. It is designed for people who want to be a part of the change or want to spread the information that they possess with other like-minded people from around the country and world.


Zero Waste Events: We plan to organize events that will promote creative methods to infuse an efficient way to combat plastic and environmental pollution. This is a stage where people can show their talents, share their insights and meet like-minded people. The events are focused on training and informing people about the zero-waste campaign and how to actively participate in it.


Climate Change Documentary Production: We produce documentaries to capture the struggles and issues that climate change brings along with it. The documentaries are for educational and awareness purposes. We also show people documentaries based on climate change to evoke a spirit of passion within them to get up and take action. These documentaries are to spread the word far and wide of the various impacts of all types of pollution. 


Eco Conscious Tourism: We promote Eco conscious tourism as an alternative to regular industrial tourism. A social and economical tour experience which offers a genuine connection with the surroundings and people. The thought behind these tours is to show the tourists around the local areas, make them meet the local people and show them how their monetary or leisure expenditure in such places can help in the development of the surrounding ecosystem, environment and the locals. It is a way to foster respect for the environment, different cultures and people.


Eco Village Development: The Eco Village Development is an initiative to implement resourceful eco-friendly techniques to enhance their livelihoods and improve their way of life. Our development plan consists of a number of solutions to reduce poverty in the rural areas by giving the population an access to easy, cheap and renewable energy. We tailor and implement solutions for the entire village or area. These solutions can help them live cleaner, greener and more prosperous lives. In addition, we provide a stepwise roadmap that can gradually help the villagers to attain the results.


Climate Change Curriculum: We shape young minds by making them aware of climate change and what the future holds. The ways we can contribute to the environment by actively taking part in community-based activities. The curriculum is designed to make them understand the impacts and changes in the climate like global temperature rising, forest fires and drought. It integrates the effects and causes of environmental pollution with various other subjects like economics, geography and political science. It provides the students to tailor and mitigate a suitable strategy for a sustainable world and circular economy.