People of India – Parthsarthi Singh

“At a young age of 11, I came across a TV show on Nat Geo and I saw whales being killed to produce cosmetic products. I was shocked and saddened. That made me realise how many animals around me are killed for their animal flesh, bones and other body parts. My journey to becoming an activist began since then. I stopped consuming products tested on animals.

Soon, I started participating in social activism movements around my vicinity, fed stray dogs, actively took part in swachh bharat abhiyan and tree plantation drives.

During my PGDM, I incepted HOPE (Non-Profit Organisation) with the help of my father’s expertise in Plastic Fabrication Industry. I started conducting awareness clean up campaigns in Thane west. I persistently worked towards plastic waste management and soon, was felicitated as Youngest Social Entrepreneur of Thane.

Involving people for picking litter and educating them about the long-term environmental damage it does was one of the few challenges which came across our way. Initially, I was even criticized and some people also called me a ‘ragpicker’.

But I never looked back. I realized I needed to do everything in my power to advocate for our planet and ensure that we have a safe and habitable Earth.

Today, at HOPE, we’re upcycling plastic waste, reprocessing plastic waste by not letting them end up in landfills and actively conducting clean ups, thrashtag challenge, marathon clean ups, waste audits and live webinars to create awareness.

Climate change is happening right now. Our planet is increasing its calls for our help.” said Parthsarthi Singh


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