Eco Work

How to manage plastic waste?

Plastic is an emerging problem in the modern world though there are several merits and demerits to it, I would like to put light on how we can manage waste to reduce carbon emission.    Plastic is a man made non biodegradable product which breaks down into micro polymers or micro plastics making it harmful towards the environment on a […]
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People of India – Parthsarthi Singh

“At a young age of 11, I came across a TV show on Nat Geo and I saw whales being killed to produce cosmetic products. I was shocked and saddened. That made me realise how many animals around me are killed for their animal flesh, bones and other body parts. My journey to becoming an […]
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A look at the most innovative green designs!

Over the last 50 years, our world has undergone colossal changes—both, positive and negative. Efforts towards the former are more widespread and relevant now than ever before… To mark the semi-centennial celebrations of Earth Day in April 2020, ELLE DECOR India called out the quiet champions who are consciously helping build a better tomorrow, one […]
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