About us

About Us

We are one of the leading plastic waste management Non-Profit from India. Intercepted through community activism by the name of Healing Our Planet Earth during the year 2019 later formed to be a social enterprise working in the favour of our environment.

HOPE as an initiative was founded to heal, uplift  and sustain our mother earth with the practice of modern tools and techniques in order to develop a healthier lifestyle and hygienic environment for future generations. Young community driven Non Profit which is spreaded across India and functions on Saas deprived circular economy model pertaining to the polymer industry of India.

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Plastoconomy Foundation which has enough expertise to curb the pile of plastic pollution across India that too with highest Environmental Standards encouraged since 1986 by government officials under Environmental Protection Act. We are on a mission towards achieving plastic pollution neutrality by enforcing circular economy systems. Plastoconomy Foundation comes up with futuristic solutions on plastic pollution to bring down carbon footprints on a macro level that are in compliance with the Central Pollution Control Board nationwide.


Our goal is to work from grassroots till industrial & corporation avenues with an uniform cycle that enables transparent supply chain which can fuel monopoly towards underprivileged low skill laborer’s who are largely unemployed, For which we have structured Plastic Pollution Neutrality Model (PPNM)

PPNM simplifies urban and rural citizen lifestyles involving generic day to day sustainable practices like conscious buying, waste sorting, waste handling, waste redirecting, waste retaining as well valuing the waste, Making it fruitful for civilians financially, environmentally and politically. 

PPNM has an ability to stabilize a nation’s economy by generating jobs to underprivileged, partially educated or even trained professionals living within our societies. 

PPNM will regulate adequate norms to stop unethical monopoly chains formed around the unorganised plastic waste sector. Here different unregistered players control the markets without being periodically audited from any association. 

PPNM strictly follows global hygiene standards focusing on uplifting employee health and wellness that is stigmatised around our society.

PPNM promotes advantages linked with inventions of plastic while being further used to boost goods and services that being utilised across sectors, PPNM will demystify negative preconceived notions revolving on plastics so that our consumers are profoundly educated by all given factors of plastic pollution therefore openly support larger conglomerates who are reconsidering their packaging advancements. 

PPNM considers plastic waste control primarily, Then circulating it for reprocessing or upcycling into alternate products which are consumed then littered every instance nationwide. This will be routed through systematic approach over B2B / B2C application or tech interface. 

The application further would get deployed in cities, towns and yes villages of India to build a holistic network. In order to streamline the logistics we will set up plastic waste management cum manufacturing infrastructures besides reprocessing units. Along with the help of quality assurance the entire supply chain would be balanced where each mediator is evenly paid therefore not allowing any player to exploit the segment. PPNM is proven to reduce inflation ratio i.e only for plastic markets while that is directly proportional to surge GDP of India to a marginal extent. PPNM will incentivise civilians to support the operations in exchange of contributing at any stage of cycle with as much as they can, Making  them to voluntarily put effort to obtain rewards and recognition.

Founding Members

Mr. Parthsarthi Singh thought leader behind Plastoconomy Foundation had an early age vision for elevating environmental standards, After several awakening experiences he predominantly decided to form a like minded community that will take stand on increasing plastic pollution problems within India.
Having a handful of expertise in the polymer sector he has brought significant changes in urban as well as rural societies by creating jobs and revenue streams for smaller plastic waste management businesses & underprivileged individuals.
Focusing on grass root problems he has spearheaded small to midsize projects across states like Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Kolkata & Delhi involving local communities, corporations, government & NGOs.Having a futuristic vision to revolutionise concepts like conscious festivals & conscious traveling plus enabling sustainable lifestyle by consulting & servicing organizations, governments, individuals, educational institutions, communities etc who will inculcate plastic waste free methodologies.

Parthsarthi has been awarded as youngest climate conservationist from Thane, Maharashtra in the year of 2019.

Later to be featured by countries renowned media publications some of which are Times Of India, India Times, People’s Of India, Free Press Journal, Elle.

Mr. Sanjeev Singh, powerhouse of his child’s dream who has more than 20+ years of experience in plastic moulding due to which he has established his own partnership manufacturing unit in Mumbai that supplies goods to listed enterprises across india. He understood core advantages of polymer & cellulose derived emerging markets, How it can boost diverse sectors involving high end technology being easily compatible as per innovative trends of plastic production. Till date he has supported Consumer Durable, FMCG, Electronics, Healthcare, Toys, Agriculture, Stationery plastic product market needs with quality results. Mr Sanjeev holds excellent knowledge in industrial infrastructure development, plastic product fabrication, plastic product designing, plastic manufacturing, supply chain management, inventory management injection, blow, rotational, vertical & PET machineries. Also recognised for his philanthropy which came from his father and further passed on to his son. This three generation cumulatively has practiced social activism for 50+ years in Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra on subjects like education, waste management, women empowerment, electricity provision, town planning etc.


Our Journey

Our Work so far, has been impactful, here are some of the key milestones we achieved over the years. 



Founder awarded youngest nonprofit professional of the Year at age of 23


Initiated Conscious Festival movements with more than 10+ youth communities across India


Started circular economy projects across India in Maharashtra, Delhi, Kolkata, Goa, Karnataka & Himachal Pradesh


Certified as member of GWCN representing India


Begin with our first community drive collected more than 800 KG plastic waste


Forayed into multiple formats of plastic waste collections from different resources like schools, streets, beaches, corporate parks, forests


Partnered with global organizations to support on ground CSR campaigns like EarthDay Network, AIESEC & XYNTEO


Secured mandate to work with leading Indian Conglomerates like HUL, SBI & Dalmia LTD
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